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Womensport and Recreation New South Wales (WRNSW) is the state's peak non-government organisation to advance the status of women in sport. It was launched at Parliament House in Sydney in 1996. It is membership based and include individual members, sporting organisations and schools. In 2002 WRNSW established a Head Office in Sydney and appointed its first part-time Executive Officer. WRNSW was a finalist for the "Best Organisation of the Year 2002" in the State Sport Annual Awards.

Our mission is to facilitate full participation, access and equity for females through sport and active recreation.

The main objectives are:

  • To encourage increased participation by women and girls in sport, recreation and physical activity
  • To improve the status of women in leadership roles in sport, recreation and physical activity
  • To provide a platform and a socially supportive network for individuals and sport and recreation groups in order to share common problems and solutions
  • To lobby decision makers on issue relating to females in sport and recreation.

Over the past seven years we have developed many initiatives and programs including:

  • Schoolgirls Breakfasts with the Stars in Sydney and country areas in which teenage girls meet female athletes from various sporting backgrounds as role models over breakfast. A highly successful program with the most recent Sydney Breakfast (our 10th breakfast!) catering to close to 1000 participants.
  • Annual Series of Workshops on cutting edge topics. The 2002 Series focused on "How to engage the media" with the aim of getting more media coverage for women in sport. Representatives from radio, tv and newspapers were facilitators. The 2003 Series will focus on sport and physical activity for health and well being.
  • The Women on Boards (WoB) program successfully placing highly skilled women on sporting Boards and Committees. This program addresses gender equity in leadership positions. As a gateway to the WoB program the Breakfast Club (see below) was established.
  • The Breakfast Club for women working in sport as an avenue to network, exchange ideas and increase personal development. The Club meets four times a year at various locations in Sydney.
  • Development of our web site with information about WRNSW, upcoming events and hot topics in women's sport.
  • Publication of quarterly Newsletters with a wealth of information, discussion and analysis of women's sport issues which are widely distributed to members, politicians, state and national sporting organisations and other stakeholders.
  • Ongoing research on good practices which increase teenage girls' participation in sport and physical activity.
  • Publications and presentations on research findings and WRNSW projects within Australia and overseas including the 2002 World Conference for Women and Sport in Montreal.

For more information visit or contact Johanna Vescio, President Womensport and Recreation NSW at


The Israeli organization for Physical Education & Sport for Girls and Women, is affiliated with both WSI and the International Association of Physical Education & Sport for Girls & Women. It was established in 1980, with a membership of approximately 50 (all women), consisting of past and present ranked female athletes, academicians in various areas of sports and physical education teachers. The organization is voluntary and self financed.

The objectives of the organization are:

  • to promote research and issues relating to girls and women in sport and PE
  • to strengthen contacts among the academy and the "field" of sport and PE
  • to enable exchange of ideas and information among members and offer opportunities for discussion

The annual meeting, which is a full day program of lectures and workshops, serves as a platform for discussion of women-sport related issues, and formation of action groups.

Among the subjects which have been dealt with in recent years:

  • how to promote motivation for participation in PE classes
  • initiatives to advance women and girls into sport in the school and in the community - examples from the "field"
  • women’s self defense
  • innovations in body shaping
  • cooperation among women from different ethnicities and religions through doing physical activity together
  • women crossing ethnic and religious barriers through participation in physical activity

Dr. Sima Zach


The Hellenic Union for Promoting Women in Sport and Physical Activity P.E.P.G.A.S) was founded in 1994, by a group of women working in the field of Sport and Physical Education. P.E.P.G.A.S is a national voluntary organization and its office is located in Thessaloniki. The objectives of the P.E.P.G.A.S are the following:

  • involve women from inside and outside sport
  • make women aware of women’s issues in sport
  • promote research related to women and sport
  • promote legislation towards equality of women in sport
  • liase with relevant international and national agencies concerning sport information
  • promote equality in P.E lessons in schools
  • educate women for leadership roles and functions of sports
  • promote the image of women and sport in the media

We organized two conferences, one in 1997 and one in 1999 and two seminars- one in 1998 and in 2001 - on women and sport issues. We also organized special seminars and workshops in other sports conferences. Another task equally important and more difficult was the fund raising task. At the beginning we managed to get some funds to publish and distribute leaflets with our objectives and later managed to publish twice annually our newsletter. Currently we are publishing our first scientific journal with issues exclusively connected to women in the field of sport, leisure and recreation. This journal is going to be published twice annually.

YvonneHarahousou, Greece

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