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Election Results:

August 26, 2011 – The 2011 election for WSI officers and Advisory Board members was uncontested across all positions. A formal election, as originally outlined on the website was therefore not conducted.

The following women have been elected by acclamation to fill the open positions of Officers and Advisory Board.

President: Carol Rodgers - Canada
Vice President: Carole Oglesby - USA
Secretary: Stilani Chroni - Greece
Treasurer: Chris Shelton - USA
Past President: Kari Fasting - Norway

The following individuals were appointed to the Advisory Board

Johanna Adriaanse – Australia
Toni Bruce – NZ
Jinxia Dong – China
Nada Knorre – Czech Republic
Kyoko Raita – Japan
Katia Trubia – Brazil

Returning Members of the Advisory Board:

Mary Jane DeSouza - USA
Gertrud Pfister - Denmark
Lydia la Rivière-Zijdel - Netherlands
Anita White - UK

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