WSI Current Initiatives

WomenSport International has many initiatives underway.

WSI has been active in working with the United Nations and reached an agreement through meetings and email exchanges in regard to a planned UN-DAW publication provisionally titled Women 2000: Physical activity, sport, exercise and the achievement of girl’s and women’s development goals. More...

Published in 2008, leading advocates of women's sport are celebrating new recognition by the United Nations that participation in sport is not just about better health - it is a catalyst for women's empowerment and development around the world. More...

In 2002 a successful conference was held in St Louis, USA with forty invited participants from around the world.


  o UN-DAW Publication 2008
o UN-DAW manuscript
o UN Strategic Bridges
Continuing Dialogues 2003
o Conference in St Louis
o State Dept Volunteer Visitors Program



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