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The following is a list of selected news from the IOC.

Women’s ski jumping event added to 2014 Sochi Games
April 6, 2011 - For the first time in Olympic Winter Games history, women will participate in ski jumping, beginning in Sochi, Russia in 2014. “We are elated and relieved,” said Deedee Corradini, Women’s Ski Jumping USA president. “Sochi, Russia can proudly proclaim that it will be hosting the first gender-equal Winter Games in Olympic history.” Ski jumping (and Nordic Combined) were the only disciplines in the Winter Games that did not allow women to participate. More...

IOC moves to address gender imbalance in Track Cycling for 2012 Olympics
December 2009 - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has approved changes to the track cycling program for the 2012 Olympics to resolve the gender imbalance of the current program. There will now be five events for men and five for women. The individual pursuit competitions for both men and women have been dropped along with the men’s and women’s points race and the men’s Madison. Added are the women’s team sprint, team pursuit and keirin disciplines, plus the men’s and women’s Omnium, the newly-introduced multi-event race. The changes in the track cycling program will raise the number of women cyclists at the games from 35 in Beijing to 84. Women cyclists will make up 45 per cent of the total number of track cyclists at London 2012.

IOC plans meeting on gender
November 2009 - In response to the controversy surrounding the issue of Caster Semenya's gender identity, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is convening a conference this coming January to institute guidelines for dealing with the biological variations of gender identity. The results of that conference and recommendations for handling individual cases will be available on this site as soon as they are made public.

Olympic Solidarity Conferences - reports (pdfs on IOC website)
IOC Asian Seminar on Women and Sport, 26-29 November 2008, Kuala Lumpur
IOC American Seminar on Women and Sport, 10-13 September 2007, Miami, Florida, USA
IOC African Seminar on Women and Sport, 25-28 September 2006, Cairo, Egypt

4th IOC World Conference on Women and Sport
Dead Sea, Jordan, March 8-10 2008

IOC Adopts Concensus Statement on “SEXUAL HARASSMENT & ABUSE IN SPORT”
February 2007 - The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has adopted a Consensus Statement on “Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport” . This unique document defines the problems, identifies the risk factors and provides guidelines for prevention and resolution. More...

April 2006 - A huge congratulations to the Turin Organising Committee of the Olympic Games for selecting eight WOMEN to bring the Olympic flag into the stadium during the Opening Ceremony of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. It was interesting to note that these women representing all continents, have made outstanding contributions not only in the sporting domain but also to culture and peace.

IOC Medical Commission focus on the health of athletes
November 2005 - Protecting the health of the athlete is the primary goal of the International Olympic Committee’s Medical Commission (IOC MC). Recently two Consensus Conferences of interest to WSI members were convened at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. More...

Statement on Transgendered Athlete participation
The Executive Committee of WomenSport International has been asked, through its member on the IOC Medical Commission Medical and Scientific Working Group, to support the Medical Commission proposed policy on Transgendered Athlete participation. More...

III World Conference on Women and Sport: "New Strategies, New Commitments"
March 7, 2004 - More than 600 delegates and observers from 137 countries are participating between 7 and 9 March in Marrakech (Morocco) in the III World Conference on Women and Sport. Story on IOC website...

III World conference on women and sport: recommendations
March 9, 2004
The Conference,
Recalling that the goal of Olympism is to place everywhere sport at the service of the harmonious development of human beings, with a view to encouraging the establishment of a peaceful society, ....from the IOC web site:



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