Estimados amigos y colegas de habla Hispana,
La mision de WomenSportInternational es desarrollar deportes para mujeres a nivel mundial a travez de la aplicacion de investigacion, educacion y auspicio. Publicamos este material en nuestra pagina de internet tan pronto nos es posible. En el futuro publicaremos materiales en Espanol cuando nos sea posible. Esperamos que esto ayude a nustros miembros y visitantes de habla Hispana.
Gracias por su apoyo, Carole Oglesby Link to Spanish Resources

Dear Spanish speaking friends and colleagues,
The WomenSportInternational mission is to develop sport for women around the globe through the application of research, education and advocacy. We publish such material on our website as often as we can. In the future, we will publish materials in Spanish when we are able. We hope this will be a helpful step to our Spanish-speaking members and visitors.
Thanks for all you do, Carole Oglesby. Link to Spanish Resources

Women's Sport on the Web

A good place to start for an overview of the variety of women's sports sites is the WWW Women's Sports Pages which contains many links organized by sport.

Unfortunately, there are very few sites dealing with issues in women's sports although the US-based Feminist Majority Foundation provides an Internet gateway to Women and Girls in Sports containing a list of Internet resources pertaining to women's sports. They have also made available their publication The Feminist Majority Foundation's Empowering Women in Sports Report which documents from an American perspective the continuing inequity and sex discrimination prevalent in the field of sports.

The International Olympic Committee has recently updated their site, and it contains a good section on Women in the Olympic Movement. It has informative sub-sections on:

  • the evolution of women's participation in sport
  • women in the administrative structures of the Olympic movement
  • IOC women and sport working group
  • regional information, seminars and world conferences on women in sport
  • cooperation with other sport organizations

A website has been launched, Winter 2004, Womens - The One Source for Women's Sports.

Recommended Books

The Athletic Woman's Survival Guide - How to win the battle against eating disorders, amenorrhea, osteoporosis
Carol L. Otis, MD and Roger Goldingay, Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL 2000, 263 pp.

Ceila H. Brackenridge, Routledge, London & New York, 2001, 284 pp.
This book is part of the Ethics and Sport series.

Women in Sport
Blackwell Science, London. Ed. Barbara L. Drinkwater, Ph.D. 2000, 661 pp.
There are 42 chapters related to sports medicine and women athletes.

Healthy hearts, healthy women: how women can prevent or reverse heart disease.
Wells, Christine L. (2001) Monterey, Ca: ExerciseScience Publishers.
Dr. Wells, a pioneer in exercise physiology and sports medicine, has written an important and useful book. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the Western world. This book provides women with information and tools for effective action to reduce the risk of heart problems.

Passport to Dignity
Connecting the 12 areas of concern of the Beijing Platform for Action, PBFA, to the Human Rights Framework for the fulfillment of Human Rights of women of all ages, worldwide. More...



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