WSI Task Forces

January 2013 - WSI is pleased to announce the formation of a new task force to focus on Deaf/Hard of Hearing Girls and Women in Sport.

The Deaf/Hard of Hearing Girls and Women in Sport Task Force:

Donalda K. Ammons, Ed.D. - USA (Co-Chair)
Becky Clark
, Ph.D., LCSW-R, CC-AASP - USA (Co-Chair)
Dawn Jani Birley, B.S. - Canada
Anne Bremner, M.A. - Australia
Petra Kurkova, Ph.D. - Czech Republic
Johanna Mesch, Ph.D. - Sweden
Mimi Ho, MSc, United Kingdom

The purpose of this task force is to determine and assess the needs of deaf and hard of hearing girls and women in sport and advocate on their behalf. Following WomenSport International's mission, we seek "to encourage increased opportunities and positive changes" for deaf and hard of hearing females at all involvement of sport. A few tentative goals for the first year will include:

  1. Identify deaf/hard of hearing women leaders in Deaf Sport to serve on the Task Force (representatives from all 5 regions of the world)
  2. Review of Deaf/HH women participation in Deaf sporting organizations
    (international, national, regional, etc); survey/or needs assessment
  3. Identify and create a network of deaf/hoh women in sport
  4. Create a website for information distribution and social networking
  5. Produce a written report detailing results of initial findings
  6. Recommendations

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